Top 3 Leading Applications For Fitness Walkers

There are total two categories of applications for fitness walkers. Firstly, there are applications that record your walking workouts, offer your map, area covered and speed. Secondly, there are pedometer applications that mark your whole day steps and physical activity. However, there are many applications that work as both of the above with the help of utilising the GPS and accelerometer chip in the cell phones. They can also be used with other fitness wearables. Luckily, these applications are usually available for free. Some of the best applications for fitness walk are given below so go through this blog carefully.

Here are the best apps for fitness walkers

1.   Map My Walk

This application is a member of the MapMyFitness apps family. We should throw light on it first because many people tried it out and they think that it should always be considered by the fitness walker. Some of its functions are as follows-

●      Whenever you begin walking, the path you’ve selected will be shown with red colour. With the help of this function, you can quickly go back to the place where you began.

●      You can even listen to the feedback for your walk.

●      The workout information can even be saved so that afterwards you can analyse it whenever you get time.

●      Not just walking, but you can also keep the record of a lot of other activities.

2.   Walkmeter Walking and Hiking GPS by Abvio

It is incredible for those who want to improve their walking speed.

●      This application is only for iOS, Android and Apple Watch.

●       It will not only guide you for general things but also for grand marathon competitions.

●      It comprises splits, interval and zones etc.

●       It utilises your smartphone’s GPS to let you know about the distance that you have covered by your walk.

●      You can even share your activity on social media.

3.   Argus by Azumio

It comprises a lot of the facilities in its one single application.

●      It works like a pedometer application.

●      It is only accessible to iOS and Android users.

●      It shows not on only the distance covered by you but also the map with it.

●      It can let you know about the quantity of your water that you have consumed just with the help of one single hit.

●      You can also get a premium subscription and get added features.

Hope, this blog would have been helpful for you.

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