How to Get Rid of Error Code 8003 on Mac?

Whenever users are trying to delete or remove the entries from Mac’s trash users may encounter the error code 8003 on their Mac’s screen. However, it is one of the irritating errors which prevents users from deleting unwanted programs or files that take place on Mac’s device. While the error code pops-up on the screen with the error message which says; “The operation can’t be completed because an unexpected error occurred (error code -8003).”

Nevertheless, many times restarting the device will help you in fixing the error, but pressing the Stop or continue tab never help you to resolve a problem and clear the trash of your Mac’s device. Generally, the errors occur when the user tries to remove something from the Trash folder for that they don’t have permission for or might be a reason that files are locked.  Probably, some other reasons are also responsible for this error.

Below we try to provide you stepwise guide which helps you in fixing the error code 8003 on Mac. The steps are mentioned below.

Solutions to getting Rid of Error Code 8003 on Mac

Before starting the procedure, we suggest you follow the steps in the correct sequence as mentioned below. Otherwise, these steps are more time consuming and more difficult to follow and also troubles you.

However, if restarting the system doesn’t help you in troubleshooting the error code 8003 and remove entries from the error code. Here we mentioned several ways of fixing the error code. Here how to do it:

Solution-1: Restart Mac into Safe Mode

Unluckily, if the error is occurred by any third party applications, we advise you to start using the Mac in Safe Mode to fix the problem. Follow the steps discussed below: 

1.     Turn off and Turn on by pressing the Power tab on Mac.

2.     While starting the Mac long press the ‘Shift’ key located on the keyboard to the ‘Apple’ icon appears on the screen. Once logo appeared to liberate the key.

3.     Now, select the ‘Safe Mode’ and press the ‘Enter’ key.

Once finished, the Mac will run in the Safe Mode. Now try to clean the trash. If the problem persists, try following the next step.

Solution-2: Try Using Keyboard Shortcuts

1.     Launch the ‘Trash’ folder.

1.     Press the Command + Option +

Restart the Mac to apply all the changes.

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