How to Set Up a Twitter Account on Desktop

You have landed in the right place if you want to create a Twitter Account. You can set up your Twitter account using your computer. Here’s how:

Method one for Desktop

1.      Go to the website of Twitter.

Open in the web browser of your system.

2.      Hit Sign Up.

This will be a blue button at the middle of the page. You will land to the Twitter sign up webpage.

3.      Type your name.

Write the name to the Name text box. It is up to you, write your real name or any other name. You can opt for pseudonym name or name of the organisation. If you are a believer of humanity, then you can use Anthropology as your name.

4.      Write the phone number.

You will see a Phone text box.  It is entirely your own choice to Use email instead of a link that is beneath the Phone text box. Now type an email address. Ensure that email address you have typed is one that you want your account to be attached to.

5.      Tap Next.

You will find this in the upper right side of the display.

6.      Tap ‘Sign Up’.

Users will find this in the middle of the page.

7.      Validate your phone number.

You may leave this particular step if you have taken help of mobile number. Follow these steps and verify it.

●        Tap Ok when triggered.

●        Go to the Messages application of your phone.

●        Go to a text message from the Twitter.

●        View again the six-digit code in the message.

●        Type in code of six-digit in the text.

●        Into text box on Twitter, type that ‘six digit code’.

●        Tap Next and continue.

8.      Generate a password.

Enter the password to the box that says, You will need a password. Now tap Next to confirm the password.

9.      Choose the “interests”.

●        Go via the topic lists and hit every topic you are interested in.

●        You also can tap “Skip for now” at window top. Skip the very next step if you do so.

10.  Tap Next.

You will find this on the top right side of the page.

11.  Look for the people you want to follow.

●        Look for the box next to each of the recommended account that you want to follow.

●        Skip this if you do not want to follow any of the accounts. Simply click skip for now. Skip this very step.

12.  Tap Follow.

On the ‘top right side’ of the page, you will find this option. Do this to add chosen accounts to the following tab. You will be loaded with the Twitter feed.

13.  Confirm about your email address

You need to confirm if you have used your email address to set up the account. Confirming it will help you in using advanced features of Twitter.

●        Go to email address inbox.

●        Tap the email from the Twitter.

In the email, tap the confirmation link. 

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