How to Repeat YouTube Videos Infinite Times

Sometimes we need to re-watch a video several times, but if we talk about our favorite song, then you might think about how can you repeat a video on YouTube. Do you want to listen to white noise music or relaxing music on YouTube in the background? Or if you’re going to play a track as background music at your home or work. You have come to the right place to know the answer to this question.

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YouTube doesn’t allow a user to play a video again and again automatically. Every time you’ll have to click on the replay button. But there two apps which does the work. Let’s know how to play a YouTube video repeatedly after and after:


The InfiniteLooper helps a user to play a YouTube video to play again and again in a time loop. With its help, you can play a song many times as possible. You can listen to a song either or relax sleep music again and again in a loop. You can also repeat a video’s particular part such as if I want to listen to only an intro of video it can be done quickly with the help of time loop slider tool. You can play a video by just putting a URL in the source box. It also has the feature to search directly from it. Infintelooper is the best service for repeating online youtube videos infinitely.


It too does the same job as InfiniteLooper. Paste your YouTube video URL to play a video or search in the search box.  You can create an account in EndlessVideo to save your favorite videos in a time loop to play them later directly. You can choose what part of a video you want to repeat. They are also providing a feature to save your favorite videos offline.

YouTube Repeat Button

YouTube Repeat Button is a browser extension which can be installed to a browser. It is the most convenient way to repeat a YouTube video. It will also ask for the permissions over your YouTube. Once you have done the installation, you will have the feature of repeating videos in your original YouTube.  Now browse your YouTube video which you want to play and see the new repeat button beside the play button. Click on it if you’re going to play a video repeatedly.

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