Top 5 Apps for Turning Photos into Art

Not only Instagram or Snaphat filters can make you look different. Even a few particular apps can turn your photos into art. You can make any of your photos look like a painting with the use of the available artistic filter apps available in the market. They are ideal for the both smartphone as well as desktop users. All these apps use the DeepStyle neural painting algorithm but in a different way. On that note, let’s have a look at the best free apps for turning your photos into art.

Source:- Top 5 Apps for Turning Photos into Art

1. Prisma

This app is already top-rated among youth, and you might have heard its name mentioned on various social media platforms. It is an easy-to-use app with different exciting art-style filters. There are a few things, which makes it stand apart from others. After you select the photo and the desired photo filter, it will be applied smoothly, and even you can see the preview first. You get the option to choose the right filter intensity and can keep it anywhere between 0 to 100 percent. Other than this, you get standard image editing features such as contrast, exposure, saturation, and more.

Its free version is compatible with SD-quality pictures only and comes with a lot of excellent filters. But, if you wish to see HD quality pictures and around 300 different filters, you need to go with the premium version of Prisma. You can download and use the Prisma app on both Android and iOS platform.

2. DeepArt

If you are looking for a particular web app for turning any painting or a picture into a filter style, then DeepArt is an ideal solution for you. You will have to sign up for it to use ideally though. Choose any image from the internet or your photo gallery and turn it into a filter-style picture. You can check what other people are creating by going to the ‘Latest Images’ section and upload your creations too. The pixels of the paintings delivered at last are size 500×500 and might take a while in processing. To get the pictures quicker, you will have to pay a dedicated amount.

3. Dreamscope

 Dreamscope is another excellent web app that allows you to turn photos into great paintings. Want to know how your Photos will look if a famous painter applied watercolors on them? Explore the Dreamscope web app for that. It offers various filter styles and uses the DeepStyle generator, like Prisma. Even this app has the most extensive styles collection following Prisma. The best thing about Dreamscope is that it doesn’t compress the images.

4. NeuralStyle.Art

NeuralStyle.Art web app is the best option for designers and professionals who demand the ultimate DeepStyle effect control. It comes as one of the most powerful photo art apps and ideal for use. Its free version offers limitations, but the pro version lets you do a lot of things with ease.

5. Brushstroke App

If you are an iPhone user, the Brushstroke app is ideal for converting your photos into painting. There are around fifty different styles that you can select with one tap only. They include abstract, acrylic, gloss, lead pencil, oil, and watercolor. This app also allows users to adjust the intensity of paint accordingly. It is even possible to directly frame your creation on the wall as you can order prints through this app and get them delivered at your home. 


Making your photos look like paintings is effortless these days. You need to choose the ideal apps and use them accordingly for getting painting-style pictures. The best options are given here for you.

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