6 Best Car Rental Apps For Android

Getting a car on rent is not as difficult as it was. From planning a road trip to exploring multiple cities in a country. The need for a car comes first for vacationers and travelers. Many companies promise to offer the best of their services to travelers but don’t keep their clients satisfied with their services. In many parts of the world, mostly the groups of travelers prefer to rent a car than travel by public transport and here’s the list of top car rental apps.

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1.  Turo

Turo is one of the most unique apps amongst all the others. By using Turo, you rent a car from ordinary individuals who want to provide their car on rent.  By booking a car on Turo app, the car owner comes to you on the decided location, gives the car’s lease based on the booking, and the car keys are yours for some days. The app doesn’t involve any agency and mediator to connect the client with car owners. The prices are usually fair depending on the location.

2.  Rentalcars.com Car Rental App

RentalCars.com or Car Rental app is the most popular car rental app worldwide. The app avails a wide variety of cars to customers on the website and in the app as well. The app sources cars from rental services and give exclusive deals to travelers or vacationers.  Car Rental app has a unique quality of upgrading the car if your selected rental car is not available. RentalCars.com has more than 47,000 locations, and the app supports 40+ languages and deals in 95 currencies.

3.  Skyscanner

Skyscanner is an all in one travel app. It includes flight booking, hotel booking, car renting, etc. Skyscanner is a popular app among travelers as well as for vacationers. Skyscanner has drop alerts, more than 28000 car rental locations across the world. Skyscanner comes majority in flight bookings and fair deals for hotel bookings, but it has a huge connecting network for car rental also.

4. Kayak

Kayak is another all in one app for flight ticket booking, hotel, car rental, and more. The app has many features, including step by step navigation for the dedicated route. The app can plan an entire trip for a traveler, and it is also quite popular in the travel industry also. Kayak has a great network worldwide of connecting travelers with services like hostel accommodation, hotels, airport, car rental services, etc.

5. Enterprise

Enterprise is one of the biggest names in itself for only car rental services in most of the parts of the world. A user can find through the mobile app if there’s any Enterprise location nearby or not. Enterprise gives exclusive deals to its users and a variety and a range of cars are always available on their website.

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