How to Reset your Android and iOS Device

Usually, your device might get stuck while you are using it. Then you might get irritated. In some cases, resetting is the only solution. Here are some instructions on how to reboot and reset your Android and iOS device.

Basic Reset on your Android device

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•    Launch your phone’s Settings. It’s a gear-shaped icon.

•    Scroll downwards and click on Backup and reset.

•    Select Factory data reset. You will see it on the lower side.

•    Click on Reset Phone.

•    If your phone has a security lock enabled, then enter the passcode.

•    Now you can click on Erase everything to confirm. This action will instantly remove all data and reboot automatically.

Recovery Reset on your Android device

•    First, you have to turn off your device.

•    Now you have to long press Volume up or down and power button combined to boot your phone in Recovery Mode.

•    Rolling to factory reset.

•    Now click on the Power button.

•    Moving to Yes.

•    Click on the Power button to reboot your device.

Factory Reset on iPhone

First, you can link the iPhone with your Wi-Fi and during this process make sure your iPhone has a sufficient battery; otherwise, this process will get stuck in the middle.

•    After that, go to the Settings app.

•    Click on the iCloud app.

•    Ensure before you sign up with the right Apple ID.

•    Click on the iCloud toggle.

•    Click on “Back up Now.” This action will start backing up your data.

•    Back to the Settings and click on general.

•    Scroll down and click on Reset.

•    After that, you can click on “Erase All Content and Settings.”

•    Now you can wait for the device to reboot.

•    After resetting, you will be asked for your Apple ID, and then you can set up your network and location settings.

•    Select iCloud to restore your backup data.

•    Now you have to download your applications again from the Apple Store.

Hard Reset on iPhone X/XS/XR

•    Launch the Settings application.

•    In the Settings, you can see the General option. Click on it.

•    Scroll down in the General page and click on Reset.

•    Once you click on Reset, then you can see Erase All Content and Settings.

•    After that, click on Erase iPhone.

•    Now your iPhone will start to hard reset.

Soft Reset on iPhone X/XS/XR

•    In the Soft Reset process, you need to press the volume up or down button.

•    Now press the sleep/wake button at the same time.

•    Press the buttons until your screen turns off.

•    Wait for a few seconds, and then do the same process again.

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