5 Best iOS Wallpaper Apps In 2019

Customization of your iPhone with stunning wallpapers is one of the most noticeable things in a phone. Wallpaper is the first thing that comes just after unlocking your phone. Thousands of wallpaper apps are there in the Apple Store but not every app is worth downloading. One can search for wallpapers on Google but cannot always find a perfect fitted wallpaper of a particular phone. Here are the best wallpaper apps for your iPhone.

Source:- 5 Best iOS Wallpaper Apps In 2019

1. Everpix

Everpix has a massive collection of high quality and stunning wallpapers for you. A user gets a collection of numerous wallpapers according to their preferences. Expressing yourself by using awesome wallpapers is very easy with Everpix app. The app provides high-quality wallpapers and thousands of 4K, HD, and Retina wallpapers. The app often gets updated with new stunning wallpapers and themes. One can choose wallpapers by choosing categories available in the app.

2. WLPPR App

If you are very fond of natural beauty and the universe, then the app entirely matches your preference. WLPPR app has the exclusive collection of universe and mother nature’s breathtaking wallpapers. The app allows a user to bookmark a chosen wallpaper of choice and download it later. The stunning range of wallpapers in WLPPR app is designed to match your iPhone’s background perfectly. The app’s wallpapers change the outlook of your phone in a blink of an eye.

3. Kappboom

Kappboom is designed with more than 200,000 quite stunning wallpapers for your iPhone. Surprisingly, the app also contains very cool quotes and facts. In the app, users can make collages and edit new as well as existing photos on their iPhone. The app provides a wide range of attractive and stunning, high-resolution wallpapers for your iPhone’s background.

4. Magic Screen

The magic screen has a lot to offer to users. The app is designed with the most amazing HD wallpapers for iOS users. The app does not only have stunning wallpapers, but features like wallpaper creation with effects and customization are also available in the app. A user can create and customize wallpapers of choice with stunning effects and designs. Magic screen avails magical frames and collages with an easy and intuitive interface in a step by step process.

5. Walli

Top artists and designers share images and multiple designs to the app by which users get thousands of stunning wallpapers. Wallpapers change a phone’s outlook in a couple of moments. Walli app features recommendation of apps according to the user’s preference and also a search option for wallpapers divided into categories.

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