5 Best Workout Apps For Android and iOS in 2019

Losing pounds and getting in shape has never been so easy. An individual’s will power and unshakeable focus help them in achieving their long term fitness goals. There are thousands of fitness apps available out there but many don’t have enough to offer to users. From tracking calories to create a workout regime, here are the best five workout apps that will help you in achieving your fitness goals.

Source:- 5 Best Workout Apps For Android and iOS in 2019

1. Map My Fitness

Map My Fitness is a complete workout regime app designed by Under Armour. From beginners to pros, the app provides users more than 600 different workout activities which support 400+ devices. One can make workout plans and add customization according to their preferences. Tracking of calories and daily workout progress can be done at fingertips in the app.

2. Workout Trainer

Workout Trainer is one of the best apps for home and gym workout plans. The app provides thousands of fitness workouts and activities and custom training programs led by expert coaches. This app helps different individuals in their fitness goals. Whether its muscle building or fat loss, the app offers a complete workout plan to the user. It acts as your fitness coach during your workout sessions, which helps you to stay on track.

3. Classpass

With the Classpass app, search and find fitness activities near you like yoga, boxing, cycling, and more. After installing the app, the user gets a 15 days free trial in which they can explore multiple fitness workout and activities related to their fitness goals. In the app, a user can access more than 15,000 studios and gym at the fingertips, the app provides a vast range of different fitness activities and popular gym and studios.

4. PEAR Personal Fitness Coach

Whether you want to shed some extra pounds and gain lean muscles in your body, PEAR Fitness Coach helps you in achieving your fitness goals by providing you various detailed workout sessions and plans. The app consists of hundreds of unique workouts such as HIIT, Elliptical, Circuit Training, Treadmill, and more. It gives real-time personal coaching to users all designed by Olympians and World Champions. The app trains a user with real human voice rather than robotic voice notes.


JEFIT app is specially designed for bodybuilders and power weight lifters. This is an all-in-one app for bodybuilders, which loaded with a workout database of thousands of routines filtered by the targeted body part. The app comes with detailed information like exercise log, workout planner, progress tracker, and more.

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